Wetzone Divers

Michael, „Micha“ Reinhardt

Manager and Instructor of WETZONE

Since 2001 PADI OWSI, Emergency First Response Instructor, Nitrox Instructor, Desat Gasblender & Aqualung Service Technician. Trained at Nigaloo Reef in Western Australia as Divemaster and Instructor. Several years experience as an Instructor in Khao Lak and with different dive centers in Egypt and Spain, e.g. Werner Lau, Action sport, Happy Divers. Over 5000 dives and approx. 280 certifications at various levels. Michael runs the Office and sometimnes still guides the dives.

Languages: german, english, & spanish
Contact: micha-garbage-@-garbage-wetzonedivers-garbage-.-garbage-com


Thai Office Manager of WETZONE

Mon helps with the daily diving business, takes care about the Accounting & Equipment and is always for smaller or even bigger troubleshooting there.

Languages: thai & english
Contact: info-garbage-@-garbage-wetzonedivers-garbage-.-garbage-com

Mr. Mojo

Mr. Mojo, since November 2010 permanent at Wetzone. If he not sleeps he like to get cuddled and plays around and if he is big he will guard the Centre.

Languages: Mr. Mojo barks in all languages.
Contact: info-garbage-@-garbage-wetzonedivers-garbage-.-garbage-com