Wetzone Divers

Land Excursions with the Wetzone Divers

Not just diving is a highlight around Khao Lak. Due of the perfect location Khao Laks with the surrounding National Parks Phang Nga, Lamru & Khao Sok or the biggest island Thailand Phuket, for every taste there is a excursion to the nearby areas.
If you prefer culture with the 3 temple tour, jungle trekking at Khao Sok National Park, Jeep Tours thru rivers with tropical flora & fauna, Elephant rides, waterfalls, caves explorer or Phuket shopping & sight seeing trips for everybody is the perfect tour available.
With our selected partners we provide this Land Excursions and are happy to explain more about it. All tours include food, soft drinks & national park fees.

Half & Full Day Trip "Khao Lak Nature Discovery"

Khao Lak "Nature Discovery" half day:

If you are not available for a full day we recommend that you take this half-day tour, with a jungle taxi: an elephant ride in the rainforest. The elephant is linked closely with Thai culture. Depending on the season we may stop at a rubber plantation or a cashew nut factory. We enjoy a delicious lunch in a beautiful tropical environment before taking you back to your hotel.

Khao Lak "Nature Discovery" full day:

Do you want to actively experience the jungle? Then this is the day trip for you! We walk through the tropical rain forest with our tour guide exploring many different fascinating features of the jungle, with the target of reaching a refreshing shower in a cool jungle waterfall. After lunch, we continue on the back of the elephant slowly through the jungle until it opens up to yet another stunning view from above. It is also amazing how careful and cautious this gentle giant can be.

Khao Lak "Nature Safari"

Khao Lak "Nature Safari" full day:

By minibus we travel to the most remote, pristine and secret places; on the back of an elephant the journey ventures further into the untouched Jungle environment. After this adventure you can relax and take a dip in the cool waterfall. Thai delicacies await you for lunch, after which you can follow your tour guide for a walk through the intriguing Lamru National Park out onto a tucked-away sandy beach. Next is Bamboo rafting down the peaceful Wang Khiang Koo River, gently drifting along passing by the tropical forest landscape.

Khao Lak "Elephant bath"

This trip is particularly suitable for children or for those not available for full day trips. Instead of filling up our vehicle with gasoline, we use bananas on this trip! We ride on the back of an elephant into the jungle, and up to a waterfall where you can enjoy a refreshing cool dip.

After the elephant ride we take a refreshing bath together with the elephants for about 20-30 minutes. Caution: The elephant's trunk is often used as a water pistol! Elephants enjoy swimming very much; if you have half as much fun as them you will have had a very unforgettable day. After so much fun in the water, we drive together to have a delicious lunch in a romantic setting; here we can review the day's activities before heading back to the hotel.