Wetzone Divers

Dive at Boonsung Wreck

This wreck is the only local wreck. It was a tin excavator, which sunk in 1984. It now lies on a sandy bottom at about 18 meters and like most wrecks has become an artificial reef attracting an amazing amount of marine life. As one diver put it, “A dive to the Boon Sung is like diving in fish soup” There are schools of Barracuda, hedgehog fish, Lion fish, Leopard sharks and well camouflaged scorpion and stone fish are there to be discovered. Over the last 3 years we have regularly encountered whale sharks, sometimes 2 at a time. Half-day trips and night dives are available from Khao Lak.


Scuba Diving Day trip to Boonsung Wreck, 2 Dives

  • Guide
  • Tanks
  • Weights
  • Equipment (BCD, Shorty, Mask, Fins, Regulator)
  • Lunch (Thai-Food)
  • Fruits
  • Drinks (Water,Soft-Drinks)
  • Transfer (from / to the Hotel)
3.300 THB
Cuttlefish at Boon Song Wreck