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Dive at Koh Bon

This beautiful island provides a few dive sites which makes it suitable for every certification level. Koh Tachai Plateau is the main dive site and definitely the most favourite one of many divers which have been living in Khao Lak for a long time. Enormous schools of great barracudas, fusiliers and hunting giant trevallies are always hanging out here.
The Plateau starts at 12 meters and is surrounded by massive granite boulders sloping down to 40 meters. This place is full of surprises! Oceanic Manta rays love to come here to perform their hypnotising dance. When the current picks up the occasional whale shark swings by, too. In the deeper water leopard sharks and stingrays can be found resting on the sand. Moreover, sea snakes, zebra morays, lobsters, turtles, groupers and random macro life inhabit the reef. Every now and then even a black tip or grey reef shark says hello. For the photography lovers Koh Tachai has a few of the biggest and most beautiful fan corals in the entire Similan National Park. If there is no current your dive guide might take you along the coral alley that will eventually lead to a the hidden ‘secret pinnacle’. There is always more to explore!


Scuba Diving Day trip to Koh Bon, 2 dives

  • Guide
  • Tanks
  • Weights
  • Equipment (BCD, Shorty, Mask, Fins, Regulator)
  • Lunch (Thai-Food)
  • Fruits
  • Drinks (Water,Soft-Drinks)
  • Transfer (from / to the Hotel)
5.800 THB
Koh Bon, Similan National Park
Dive with Manta Rays at Koh Bon
Dive Site Map Koh Bon, Similan National Park
Dive Site Map Koh Bon, Similan National Park