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Diving Similan Islands National Park

The Similan National Park is located approximately 60 km off the west coast of Thailand and is comprised of 9 islands running roughly north to south. They are dotted with numerous granite rock outcrops and cover an area of about 128 sq km.

The Similans can generally be divided into 2 different areas: The protected eastern side, with its tropical dream beaches, which turn into reefs and coral with an explosion of colours and forms. Over 200 species of hard coral and 350 kinds of soft coral can be found with hundreds of species of fish populating the reefs. Whether you like to photograph small animals such as nudibranchs or larger creatures, such as whale sharks, the diversity here is second to none.

The open sea of the west coast is made up of reefs and underwater granite boulders that are overgrown with hard and soft coral down to a depth of about 40 meters. Despite the devastating Tsunami, only about 30% of the reefs were destroyed, meaning that the Similan Islands still remains in the top 10 dive sites in the world.

Similan, daytrip, 2 dives (all inclusive*)
  • Guide
  • Tanks
  • Weights
  • Equipment (BCD, Shorty, Mask, Fins, Regulator)
  • Lunch (Thai-Food)
  • Fruits
  • Drinks (Water,Soft-Drinks)
  • Transfer (from / to the Hotel)
5.900 THB
Similan National Park
Similan National Park
Similan National Park
Similan National Park