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Environmentally friendly diving day trips in Khao Lak

Eco-friendly Dive Center in Khao Lak: Discover sustainable diving day trips and dive safaris with Wetzone Divers

Wetzone Divers "goes green"!

We have expanded the shop area in our dive center in Khao Lak to include an eco-section.

Here, you can find items such as cotton beach towels and bags, bamboo straws, reusable thermo-water bottles, and stainless steel drink containers - the same ones used on our boat - as well as other eco-friendly products.

Our boat, the "Blue Marlin," is equipped with a stainless steel drinking water dispenser, and we provide thermo-water bottles that you can refill at any time.

Furthermore, our engines run on synthetic oil, which significantly extends the oil change interval.

Even with the antifouling paint on our boat, we have done our best to minimize environmental impact and use a so-called hard antifouling paint (Coppercoat), which extends the coating's lifespan up to 10 years and does not release harmful biocides into the ocean like conventional antifouling paints.

We are continually striving to implement further innovations to become as environmentally friendly as possible!