First Whaleshark of the season at Richelieu Rock

First Whaleshark of the Season 2023/24 at Richelieu Rock

Our dive speedboat Blue Marlin embarked on an exhilarating journey as it ventured to Richelieu Rock, eagerly anticipating the marine wonders that awaited beneath the surface.

With the season's first whispers of excitement in the air, the divers aboard the Blue Marlin were met with an awe-inspiring spectacle—the majestic encounter with the first whale shark of the season.

The divers were treated to a rare and humbling experience as the whale shark, a magnificent ambassador of the ocean, showcased its impressive size and gentle demeanor. The encounter at Richelieu Rock became a defining moment for all on board, marking the beginning of a season filled with marine marvels and unforgettable underwater adventures.

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